Seemingly Harmless Parking Lot

parking lot

I had one of THOSE moments this morning! The kind where you know that you know it should not have worked out the way it did. Let me share. 😉

We were loaded in the van this morning. Now as you all know when in a parking lot, if the space in front of you is clear you can go forward or choose reverse. For whatever reason—call it karma, luck, or whatever you feel comfortable with—I had decided to put the van in drive. My youngest hollers out, “Wait, Mom, I’m not buckled.” I put the van back in park, and as I did, a young boy of maybe 3 darted into view via my side mirror.

I paused, realizing what that actually meant. That child, who had run ahead of his parents, was directly behind my van when I first put it in gear. Although I wasn’t backing up I still checked my mirrors and rear window. He was too small for me to see! So when he became visible, I instantly knew that had I made a different choice many lives would’ve been altered in a split second.

Yes, I’m still thanking God for his protection over that little boy, but I’m also acknowledging as a parent how important it is to keep my children close while in a seemingly harmless parking lot.

Happy Sunday to you all. Stay safe.