Hidden: A Society Book 4 by Author Mason Sabre

Hidden: A Society Book 4




In a world divided between Humans and Others—a breed of shifters—certain rules are set that cannot be broken. Yet, between these two worlds are the strays, outcasts who no longer have a place in the world of Others. Cathy and Jeff, a couple long cast aside, run a free clinic for those Society has rejected. They seek to do what is right and help those who find themselves out in the cold, alone and forsaken, as they once were.

What happens, however, when the shifter who saved their lives calls to collect the debt he is owed? A pregnant shifter is coming their way and not only must they help deliver the baby, but they need to commit the most heinous crime that could be perpetrated against two young parents. Cathy and Jeff must steal their newborn baby.

The choice is theirs, but the wrong decision could mean the life they have fought years to build for themselves being snatched away by the very one who helped give it to them in the first place. Powerful in the world of shifters, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Do they choose to save their own lives, or do they sacrifice themselves for the life of an illegitimate child?



Hidden: A Society Novella 4
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