A Christmas to Remember (An Erotic Tale) Part 2 by Lora Ann


A Christmas to Remember

(An Erotic Tale)

Part 2


God, she had no desire to leave the scene before her. Her husband made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the universe. Not from the amazing orgasm they just shared—which, quite frankly, was mind-blowing—but the way his eyes drank her in as she tugged the little dress back in place.

Nik lay there appreciating his gorgeous wife. He growled at the thought of any other man checking her out. Her gaze lit on his. There was still so much desire dancing in those grayish-green flames, making him realize how he’d let her down in this department. He loved her with a ferocity that took his breath away. Yet, he couldn’t stop the past ghosts who crept along his memory banks. A stray tear slid down his cheek as he whispered, “I love you more each and every day, Lille.”

Aimee fought the lump in her throat, speaking around it, “I fall in love with you again and again. Like now,” she leaned forward and kissed the moisture on his cheek, “I just fell head over heels once more.”

“Do we really need to go out,” he half pleaded with her as he cupped her jaw.

She let out a deep sigh, fighting with herself. A night alone in the mountains doesn’t come along very often. Hell, a night with just them didn’t happen hardly ever anymore. She loved her ever-growing family, but with all the upheaval and fighting so many enemies, these times were precious. That was when it hit her: his tear wasn’t only for her. “You miss her.”

He nodded, “Yes. But not the way you’re thinking.” A quirked brow told him his very sexy wife was about to get sassy. Fuck, he loved her sass; but, what did he say to bring it on?

“And you’re a mind reader?” She pursed her lips.

The chuckle burst out before he could lasso it, earning him a glare of discontent. Shit! “All I meant was, I didn’t want you thinking I loved her more.”

Aimee used his shoulders to steady herself before marching across the room. She didn’t realize Nik had followed until she spun around on a gasped, “How the hell do you do that?!”

This time he guarded his reactions, studying her. She’d always been a saucy little thing. Something he truly loved about her. Matter of fact, it was the first thing he fell in love with. His large paws gentling on her shoulders, “I fell in love with you the very first time you told me off.”

“I don’t…” Wait! What did he just say? “It wasn’t the allure of mystery and danger the night of the masquerade?”

“Oh, that definitely stuck with me—for years. But no, it was when you thought I’d lost my ever-lovin’ mind asking you to marry me.”

She blushed, knowing that was when it was for her, too. A soft whispered, “Me too,” escaped as her watery gaze met his. “You were so damn sure of yourself and your conviction to protect me.”

“I still am,” he announced without a hint of apology.

She exhaled heavily, releasing her frustration. “We don’t have to go out.” Her fingers walking along his heavy defined abs.

He drew in a long breath. “Turn around,” he whispered, knowing he had to be quick or he’d strip her again and spend the evening finding every new way to bring her pleasure.



The restaurant was full of lovers, Nik noticed as they sat sipping sparkling cider. He decided teasing was in order to make their night of naughty-sweet-nothings more special. A piece of chocolate lava cake hung between them. “Open for me,” the double entendre not lost on her.

The slow lick of her lips was followed by the press of her knee against his. “Always,” she whispered, making sure he was aware her legs were parted underneath the table.

Naughty little bitch! Fuck, she turned him on. He half growled, “Slowly.”

Her gaze sparking with fire as she held his, debating on playing his game. Wasn’t this exactly what she wanted? Her husband’s attention focused solely on her. Hell, yes! She loved all of him, but especially this very wicked side. Having this Nordic god commanding her body, her mind, was unlike anything she could put into words. Her mouth opened for the rich treat he placed on her tongue. She pressed her leg more firmly against his and moaned, “Mmmmm.”

A few stares were given with knowing grins from other patrons before Nik rasped, “Draw every eye on yourself again, and I’ll punish you for it.”

What the hell?! When had her husband become…like…she searched for the word, then snapped her fingers as she snapped them mentally. “Dom,” she blurted out.

The mischievous and oh-so-telling gleam in his eyes answered her list of questions running around in her mind. “That’s one,” he said, holding up a finger.

“One, what?” Shock still in the forefront from what she knew to be true: He’d been talking to his brother E! Nik wasn’t Mr. Warm-and-Cozy when it came to intimate conversations. The fact he went to his well-known brother, a.k.a. the master, for a little advice in the bedroom threw her for a loop.

“Your first punishment.” He took a bite of the dessert in the most alluring, tempting way she’d ever seen.

“Wait! Why?” her petulant tone coming forward.

“Two,” he affirmed as he slid another piece of cake in her gaping mouth.

She stared in utter disbelief, damn near choking on the food. Her spluttered, “Are you for reals?” bringing a deep chuckle from him. Aimee was about to ask why he was laughing at her when it clicked, she sounded just like their niece Ari! An embarrassed confession, “You can tell I’ve been hanging out with a teenager,” was followed by, “Just what kind of punishment are we talking about?”

His raised brow told her she was skating on a third one. He heard her sharp intake of breath. Didn’t she know by now he’d never, ever hurt her? Deciding to ease her fears, he admitted, “Punishment of pleasure, little one.”

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she exhaled. Aimee liked where this would lead and made up her mind not to let the crazy hormonal thoughts have their way anymore that night. She knew Nik, knew he loved her more than life itself. Finally onboard with his seduction game, she squeezed his fingers. “I trust you.”

Thank God! He’d been worried his idea was going down the crapper at a rapid speed. His gaze travelled over her full tits, nipples peaked from the slight chill in the air, making him shift in his seat to adjust his throbbing cock. He raised his eyes, observing chocolate at the corner of her mouth, before meeting hers. Holy hell! The flames were igniting. With the tip of his index finger, he spread the decadent frosting across her cupid bow lips. “Don’t lick it off,” he demanded.

Her lids fluttered as her breathing hitched from the anticipation, then flew wide when his hand traveled up her dress. “I…I-I’m not sure…” She glanced all around to see if anyone was paying attention. They were in a back corner. Windows all around with a fabulous view of the lake. Her search provided other information, as in it was darker where they were than any other place in the restaurant. The flicker of a lone candle set center on the table giving her a why that was.

“Relax, Lille,” he mumbled in her ear, “I won’t let a soul see your body obey me.”

“Ah, damn, say that again,” she moaned and lifted her hips, letting him relieve her of the pretty panties.

Covertly using his linen napkin as a decoy, he lifted the emerald silk, only she could see tucked inside, to his nose. His deep inhalation followed with an appreciative, “You smell good enough to eat,” brought heat to her cheeks and a very different heat further down. He then chuckled low and rasped, “Oh, that’s right…I did.”

My God the man, her husband, was going to make her spontaneously combust. One would think, after all this time together, that wasn’t possible. Aimee was not a shy woman. Yes, being pregnant brought about some insecurity, but she was more than capable of sultry. Calling upon her inner goddess, she trailed her finger along her chocolate covered bottom lip. Nik watched in rapt fascination as her hand disappeared under the table. “Want another taste?” she challenged.

He growled in her ear, “Three. Now,” holding her hand between her legs, “tease yourself.” A little jerk of her fingers told him she wasn’t completely sure how far he wanted to take this. “Don’t you dare come,” he assured, keeping his hand on her upper thigh so he could feel her fingering herself.

Aimee’s head rested on Nik’s shoulder. For anyone who thought to glance over at the erotic scene taking place, all they’d notice was couple canoodling at the table. They’d assume correctly that this was going all the way in a more private setting. She entered herself and moved in and out with deliberate precision, glancing up to see Nik’s lids grow heavy. On a whim, she switched hands, bringing a wet finger to his mouth. His moan of pleasure sent shivers all over her body. Again, he growled, “No. Don’t.”

His barley contained rapture, sending her on the precarious edge of bliss. “I can’t stop,” she pleaded for the release as he stilled her small hand in his.

The inferno that met her gaze told her he was right there, too. “Check. Please,” came out in a rumble of need as he called over their server.


Copyright ©2016 Lora Ann


Part 3 coming tomorrow!

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Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline, before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family, and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.
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  1. Carolann says:

    Loving these little snippets. Oh how iv miss Aimee and Nik. Can’t wait for more the love these 2 have for each other is beautiful ❤

  2. Tina Henry says:

    Ohhhh…..my God! Loving this so much. So romantic & sexy. Just keeps getting better & better.

  3. Helena Hoorn says:

    love love love it.

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