What “A New Year A New Me” Means to Me


Some are aware that 2016 was, hands down, one of my hardest years.  Seasons of loss and death definitely leave you feeling numb and in a fog. But unexpected is one of life’s guarantees. The only choice involved, when everything you once knew is sucked into a vortex until nothing even remotely resembles itself, is to LET GO. Understanding that sometimes your fervent prayers are answered with a resounding NOOOOOOOOO. Now this is where you can either decide, fuck it, I’m done, or embrace the possibility.


For me, impossible simply means: I’m possible. Now, that also means stepping back and doing a little internal and external inventory. Sure it’s scary starting over, but staying in a dark pit is NOT something I recommend for long a time. It serves a purpose, but then it’s time to move on.

Being a Christian, I already know how to walk by faith not by sight. One of the areas I’m wanting to be “new” in, is my health. Nothing like losing your dad to cancer to realize you need to be doing preventative measures. Dare I say, this means changing eating habits and, oh no, the dreaded exercise. lol Of course as soon as you make this decision, you’ll be thrown a curve ball.

Exhibit A: Possible broken toe

Yes, it still hurts like hell! But I’m happy to report, I found something I can do to stay on track. Chair Yoga! And as a writer, this–right here–will now be part of my daily routines even WHEN I can get back to cardio.



My love for green juice never really left me, however, I will be increasing them in frequency. I sorta backslid to only a couple a week. Oops!

It’s a start! I gave this advice recently to a friend, “Remember it’s a marathon–enjoy the journey,” and realized how much I need to listen to those words. Which brings me to the obvious “new”, my writing schedule! SQUEE! All right, it is work, but damn if it isn’t work I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. But like all things, it comes with obstacles. Mainly four for me, as in 1-2-3-4 boys! Add in homeschooling, and, well, you can see the daily challenge. Damn, I love a good challenge. Tell me, “You can’t do that,” and I’ll say “WATCH ME!” This takes some planning, mapping,and  good old-fashioned roll your sleeves up and ‘get ‘er done’!

There you have it. The “new” me in progress.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

Psst…I’d love to hear about the “new” you. Drop me a comment. 🙂