A Celebration of Love – E and Lacey – Strand Brothers Erotic Short


A Celebration of Love

E and Lacey

Strand Brothers Erotic Short


The trees passed by like an impression painting, greens faded into browns, blue sky peeked through and mixed with the azure ocean. A beautiful sight along the drive, but Lacey felt restless. She shifted when her husband’s hand softly caressed her leg, skating slowing up her toned dancer thigh. Her hand clasped his to stop him. “I don’t see the point.”

His brow raised as he snuck a sidelong glance her way. “I need a reason to touch you?”

An exasperated breath escaped her pouting lips. “Not that. This whole thing is ridiculous.”

“It’s ridiculous to want to get away from all the recent stress and have a romantic Valentine’s day?”

“Don’t do that,” she huffed.

He veered the sleek Aston Martin to the shoulder and slammed it in park. “What exactly am I doing?”

Stupid tears filled her eyes and she turned away from him. “We can’t have…you know.”

God, when she got all sweet and innocent like that, he wanted to do very wicked things to her. His smile cocky. “Say it.”

“I don’t want to appease your dominant nature right now.”

His laugh was downright vicious as he unbuckled his seatbelt. “Sweetness, I couldn’t house the Dom I am any more so than you could the kind woman you are. A personality is just that.”

She half-smiled in spite of her rollercoaster emotions. “I do love you. All of you. But right now, I need you to be less dominant and more adoring husband.”

“You wound me!” he responded with a hand over his heart. “I’m always adoring you,” leaning across to kiss the soft alabaster skin of her upper thigh, “and I plan on doing so for the rest of my life.” His tongue drawing circles as it traveled higher.

Her fingers lacing through his long hair. “E,” she mewled as he wielded that weapon of pleasure along the edge of her panties.

“It’s just a kiss. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Oh God!” Her head falling back against the headrest as he worked underneath the scrap of purple material. His wicked tongue flicking along her pleasure spot.

“Mmmm…I do love the taste of you.” His nose now pressing against her. “The smell of you drives me fucking crazy.” The growl vibrating where he was mercilessly teasing.

She pushed his face tighter against her aching pussy and commanded, “Make me come.”

He was after all a husband who could not deny his wife’s request. His teeth lightly scrapping along her swollen clit before he captured it fully between his lips and sucked until she was writhing, spread open for him, and screaming out his name. “More,” he commanded.

Her hips grinding against his face for more pressure as he brought another earth quaking orgasm from her. She pulled his head up and took his mouth with hers. A breathy, “thank you,” warming along his lips.

“Now,” he nipped at hers, “what’s really going on?”

She matched his nibbling with her own along his thick neck. “This is all we can do. An entire getaway, just the two of us, and I’m under doctor’s orders not to have sex.”

He cupped her beautiful face. “We didn’t have intercourse leading up to our wedding. Sure didn’t stop us from pleasure though,” he reminded her.

“But making love is my favorite part,” she sighed.

“We are making love, Søta.” His lips barely on hers. “It’s so much more than sex.”

“Intimacy building?” Her smile against his mouth.

“Hell yes. That’s what makes fucking so amazing.”

She swore he was mentally beating his chest. “Okay.” She kissed him long and deep before pulling away breathless, noting so was he. “No more pouting. Let’s make this a forever Valentine.”

“That’s my girl.” He gave her one more hard kiss.


Alex’s Carmel home was just as she remembered, but it didn’t hold some of the best memories for them. She cocked her head. “Why here?”

His finger traced along her cheek bone. “Well, this was the first place we ran into a bit of a snag in our relationship. Seemed fitting to come back here and create something beautiful.”

“You saved my life here.” Her gaze holding his intently.

“Yes. But you wouldn’t have been out on those cliffs if I’d been honest with you from the get-go,” he admitted, owning his shit.

“We worked all that out.” Her head angling into his tender touch. “You explained everything. Please, don’t make us revisit what’s already forgiven.”

He tracked along to her succulent lips, outlining them with precision. “Lacey, you are an angel. My angel. And I’ve been a fool.” He shook his head in despair. “I almost lost you this last time.”

“But you didn’t,” reaching forward to place her palm on his thumping heart, “Everything you do comes from here. A heart of gold that means well.” She drew his tempting finger into her mouth, suckling. His lids growing heavy with the promise she gave him.

“Don’t ever forget it beats.” his breathing ragged from what her skillful mouth was doing, “for only you.”

Her hand rubbed along his defined pecs, lower and lower it traveled until it collided with the impressive bulge in his pants. She released his finger. “I want to kiss you,” she whispered.

The car  was small and he wanted to thoroughly enjoy her, quickly sliding out the driver’s side and offering his hand to her once he opened her door. But Lacey watched the twitch of his cock, begging. His position couldn’t be more perfect. Her gaze seeking his as her nails teased along the zipper. His lips parted to draw in more air. She worked his big handsome cock free mesmerized that it knew just where to land, tracing along her lips, seeking her kiss. Her husband was a Master capable of having any woman his desired, but he chose her. He loved her. And that was a gift she’d never take for granted. Her tongue snaked out to catch the drip along his slit. He moaned, “Tease.”

“Delayed gratification,” she corrected.

His hands on the roof of the car as her hot breath shot across his sensitive head. “I’m going to enjoy paying you back.” The vow made with a wickedness she knew he’d make good on.

“Mm-hmm,” she hummed low along the thick vein. “But right now,” her gaze searching for his until he complied, “I’m the Domme.” She captured him and drew him in deep, taking him all the way, swallowing to make sure he fit.

He kept his hands where they were, letting his wife have her nasty way with him. His hips flicking forward until she gripped them and squeezed, controlling him. “Naughty,” he hissed.

She moved back releasing him. The cool air hitting his wet cock, causing him to beg, “Lacey.” A smack to his ass surprised him.

“Mistress,” she demanded with authority.

Fucking A. She was driving him mad. His lust revved up, matching his desperate cock. “Yes, Mistress,” he rasped, earning him a long lick from root to tip. Another twitch of his questing cock, demanding more.

She placed her mouth just along his sensitive ridge and dropped her voice to low murmur. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

“To fuck your mouth.”

She rewarded him with little nips. “Annnnnnd,” she drawled out knowing the vibrations were ramping him up.

“I want to punish you right now,” he growled.

Her laugh deep and purposeful. “That was not the right thing to say, darling.”

She leaned back and waited, watching his cock bob and plead for her return. Her husband was doing very well with the switch. But, her constant testing was going to bite her in the ass. A grin spread across her face, acknowledging he’d literally bite her. She wondered what would happen if… Her fingers walking along the silk covered steel of his magnificent manhood, until he pleaded with her. “I need to come.”

Her breath skated along him as she moved forward again. “I want it all over my tongue, my lips. Right where you belong,” she growled before sucking him hard. One hand fisted at the base. The other at his balls, kneading with little tugs. No mercy was given to him as she abruptly removed her fingers from his sac and eased them into her pussy, coating them. She glanced up watching how hungry he was for more. So much more. Her ring finger sliding along the seam of his ass. He parted his legs for her. She rewarded him by dipping the tip of her tongue deep into his slit, tasting the saltiness of pre-cum. Her other hand went back to massaging his balls, Licks followed by long sucks on his cock. And her finger fucking his ass. A swift move brought his hands to her hair but he waited for her permission. She stroked along him with her lips right on his head. “Fuck my mouth.” Her finger going deep inside him. She felt his balls go hard in her hand.

Close, he was so damn close. The fire scorching him as she took him with a nasty vigor. He fisted her hair and thrust until the tip of him hit the back of her throat. He came with a guttural moan and pulled out enough to coat the outside of her mouth, watching with more lust as it ran down her plump lips and pretty chin, dripping onto her throat. He yanked her out of the car and took her mouth with a ferociousness that rocked them both.


Lacey stood at the kitchen counter using the juicer to make fresh cherry limeades. Her sidelong glance taking in her spectacular husband. He truly was sex-on-a-stick. E stayed true to his word of making love to her in all sorts of kinky ways without ever penetrating her. He’d been so romantic that morning in bed, cuddling her, covering her in soft kisses, building the intimacy between them. But she couldn’t help this aching need for more. What the hell was wrong with her?

E felt her the blaze of her gaze on him. He understood the unquenched fire burning inside her, for it was consuming him too. His self-control was being tested beyond all limits, and he could feel his grip slipping. Maybe if they played a little rougher? Would that help quench their thirst for more? She was busying herself and he took the opportunity to just stare. His obsession with his wife was growing stronger each day. A living, breathing thing that devoured him. He couldn’t imagine how he’d ever survived without loving her.

He stalked his prey, cocking his head, trying to decide just what and how far he wanted to take this next step in their no intercourse retreat. His momentum paused when she dropped a cherry onto her tongue. The memories of chocolate and strawberries nearly brought him to his knees worshiping her. She still held on to that edge of innocence after he’d corrupted her completely. God, he loved it when she went all shy virgin on him, just like she was doing now, as she spied him out of corner of her eye.

She felt this need to cover herself as she stood in the kitchen wearing short shorts and a shelf-bra cami. Her hips swaying to the beat of a song playing in her head. But she recognized that look. The Master sauntered toward her with devilish intent. Her tongue licking her lips as she attempted to cover herself. “Um…hi.” Geeze, that sounded lame!

His hands reached for hers as he pulled them away from her body. “Never be ashamed of such perfection.”

Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip. The heat of her blush drawing her gaze down and away. “So, any plans today,” she attempted casual small talk.

Fucking adorable. She was nervous and giddy. God damn he needed to fuck her senseless. He inhaled deep and studied her. Her pulse jumped, he noticed the quick flutter aside her neck. The need for more air evident in her parted lips, heavier breathing. And the desire drenching those sapphires irises until they were nearly black. Her long raven lashes flitted. “You are such a treat to watch.”

She didn’t miss the naughty glint in those quicksilver eyes, matching his wicked grin. Damn, she was pretty sure if he kept this up she’d come right there. “I made these.” Her voice shaky as she freed her hand from his and grabbed a glass of fresh juice, passing it to him.

He wet his lips with his tongue first before sipping the drink. “Mmm, so sweet.”

Lacey took a greedy gulp from hers. She knew that reference held a double meaning.

His hand grazed her breast as he reached for the fruit on the counter. A cherry dangled by its stem in front of her mouth. “Take it,” he whispered low and dark.

She swallowed past the lump in her throat and a nervous giggle escaped. “You sound like the serpent in the apple tree.”

He gazed at her through his heavy lashes. “Would you care to play with the devil, my sweet?”

“E,” she forced out as he slid the decadent fruit into her mouth.

He didn’t give her a chance to close her lips around the cherry, bringing his mouth to hers and bursting it open together. Juice dripped as his tongue sought the stem. Working along with hers they tied it in a knot. Both breathless as he held it between his teeth and stepped back. “Take off your clothes, Lacey.”

She blinked several times processing what he’d just ordered her to do. The dizzy effects of that erotic kiss still messing with her equilibrium. Her fingers greedy to obey as she slid one spaghetti strap off her shoulder.

He backed up to the island and hoisted his big muscled body up. The flex of muscle bringing a warm ache in her lower belly. His hands fisting the material as he ripped, slow and mimicking her. Each part of skin revealed leaving the other wanting more. A strip tease taken to a new level as she stood before him in all her feminine beauty. His eyes kissing and sucking along her body until she reached down to relieve the ache. He spread his legs wide, stroking his cock for her greedy gaze as it sucked him. A bead glistened along the thick tip as he devoured her wet fingers pulling away from that luscious pussy. In a move so fast she almost missed it, he hopped down and tossed her over his shoulder. A hard smack right between her legs brought out a scream of ecstasy. “Grab that bowl,” he commanded, holding the pitcher of juice.

She set the bowl down on the dresser next to the glass pitcher. He slid her over his body slowly with deliberate pressure against her tits and a push of his cock along her folds. A moan escaped her. “E, I need you inside me.”

“Soon, Sweetness,” he promised in a gentle tone.

Her gaze locked on his as she witnessed the war he was having, then fire erupted and he commanded. “On the bed. Now.”

Oh, how she loved this side of him. He made her feel so desired when he unleashed like that. She backed into the bed and did as he told her. His gaze now calculating as he demanded. “Open your legs wide.”

She hesitated.

He clucked his tongue. “Ah, Lacey, you really should’ve obeyed me.”

His words enticing her clit to throb and reach for him as she felt the warm trickle between her legs. She pressed them together as he walked around and opened a drawer. “Give me your hand.”

She glanced back and watched as he strapped the padded leather cuff around her wrist. Instead of walking around the bed he climbed onto it and straddled her, sliding his cock across her hardened nipples. He reached up and cuffed her other wrist. “Open your mouth.”

Her lips parted as he moved up, sliding his cock in and out several times, before forcing himself off her. A soft protest erupted, “But I want to suck you off.” His smile would’ve been panty melting if she’d been wearing any. Yet again, she noticed the wickedness in his gaze.

He reached under the foot of the bed and pulled out a spreader bar. Cuffing each ankle to it before he widened it. “There’s what I wanted to see.”

She was wide open now and there was no hiding her excitement. He grabbed the bowl of cherries and lay between her legs, squeezing a few of them so the juice mixed with hers. His tongue licking the river with lust filled sounds vibrating along her exposed sex. Nothing really shocked her when it came to her husband’s kink. But what he did next was so erotic she nearly came from the sight. He took a cherry and slid it over her clit then down further. E pulled it away and held it over the tip of his tongue, showing her what he did to her. “Every cherry is better dipped in cream.”

Her mouth popped open on a gasp. “Dirty mouth,” she panted.

His mischievous grin told her she just thought that was dirty. He repeated with another piece of fruit, except after he tongued it he brought it to hers. “Taste for yourself.”

Her juices coating the fruit exploded in her mouth. She moaned and he kissed her with long strokes against her tongue before devouring her. His breath blasted across her lips as he pulled back. “You are a nasty girl.”

She should feel embarrassed but quite the opposite was happening. “More,” she demanded.

“How about a drink first.” He brought the pitcher to her mouth as she opened. But he purposely let it overflow. “My bad,” he said before following the cold liquid his hot mouth. He sat back on his haunches and poured the icy drink over her nipples, lapping at them. And continued until he was back between her legs where the freezing beverage took her to new heights while his questing tongue sent her over the edge.

He raised up and she saw her desire glisten on his lips. “Kiss me again,” she rasped.

No hesitation in giving her what she requested. He untied one cuff from the poster of the bed and move it to the other so both of her wrists were on one poster. His hands traveling along her curves as he angled her body. Again, he went to that special drawer and pulled out a vibrator. Oh my! She batted her eyelashes. “Why, Mr. Strand, are you going to fuck me with that?”

“Nasty mouth,” he said with approval in his voice.

He dipped the toy inside her and turned it on. She began to writhe and he quickly turned it off. He grabbed the bar between her legs and flipped her over.

“Oh,” she gasped.

His hand swatting her gorgeous ass a few times. He kissed her pink cheeks and slid the vibrator inside her again. Her hips began to move and he shut it off once more. Her groan of frustration made him chuckle darkly. His hand replaced the toy and she ground against it. He withdrew it and covered his cock, then he slowly eased himself into her ass. Each time he pushed forward he went a little deeper. He fingered her clit before reinserting the vibrator. The sensations against himself buried inside her was taking him to the edge with her. Her body was a live wire as he fucked her over the cliff. Both screaming out the other’s name. Careful not to crush her he released her wrists and massaged them to make sure the circulation was back. With a gentle move, he removed his still semi-erect cock and the toy. The need for more made her push down against the bed. Next, he released her from the bar and tossed it to the floor. His eyes drawn to her wet core where she was still pressing in search of more release. Damn, she was still horny. Then again, so was he.

He placed soft kisses along her opening, dipping his tongue inside where he longed to be. She managed to turn over and face him, tugging him away from her sex and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled him down and made love to his mouth with hers. “Make love to me, E,” she whispered.

“Sweetness,” he cautioned.

“You can come on my stomach.”

No argument in him, he slid his cock into the warm silk of her beautiful pussy. “God, I missed you,” he groaned and ground his hips against her.

She grabbed his ass and pushed up into him. He was lost to her. And did as she asked, making sweet love to his precious wife, both climaxing together, and sealing the exquisite moment with a long worshipful kiss.

The morning sunrise brought with it a realization from their night of ecstasy. He didn’t pull out. But as she lay there across his finely-honed chest, she couldn’t be sorry. What they shared was too amazing to taint in any way.

He pulled her closer. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Forever,” he said placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Always,” she answered back, meeting his lips with hers.

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