Romantic With a Dirty Mind…Who me?!


So my dear friend, Lucian is running a contest right now on Facebook (check the bottom of this post for link) regarding “passionate” thoughts we have as writers and readers of Erotic Romance. First and foremost, let me just say the grocery store is Disney Land for anyone with a dirty mind. Confession: just about anything can become inappropriate in my mind. Here’s a prime example: My boys play soccer, every time they are told to “grab their balls,” I snicker.


Now that you have a fairly good idea of where my thoughts drift, I’ll share what happened yesterday during spelling. The word was “publisher,” but what I saw at first was “pubic.” So, now that my mind had gone down THERE the next word was “polishes,” which of course brought the phrase “polishes his knob” to the forefront. Wait…there’s more. The next word on the list was “accomplished.” Oh the possibilities these 3 seemingly innocent words hold. 😉

If you would like to check out the contest click the link below. And yes, a version of this story is there. 🙂

 Lucian’s Facebook Page