The Case of the Missing Keys

Keys - photo taken by josephleenovak

Keys – photo taken by josephleenovak

Ever had one of those days? You know the kind where if you wait one more minute, you’ll be late and your day is shot. Yes, I’m sure you do. 😉

This particular day was one of those days. Like I usually do, I asked my boys to get in the minivan. Now on any other day they would’ve grabbed my keys and gone out the door to get in the van. However, for whatever reason, (I still don’t know why) they laid my keys down in a place I would never check. So…I proceeded to lock all the doors, grabbed my purse, and locked the side door as I walked out to the van.

Have you guessed what happened? Oh, yes. I get in the van, buckle up, and realize my keys weren’t on the console (the normal place they would’ve been any other time). When I asked, “Where are the keys?” My youngest (he’s 5) said, “I left them in the house for you.” As you can guess, we were not only locked out of our home but we couldn’t leave either.

First, I attempted to break into my own home. Yeah, right. It’s not as easy as it looks. lol Knowing I couldn’t call my husband for help because he was working, I had to call a neighbor (who is a cop). He showed up laughing hysterically. (I’m laughing now. I wasn’t then.) So, he kindly drove to where my husband was, grabbed our house key, and returned 45 minutes later.

Once I entered the house, I spied my keys instantly. They were sitting on a shelf by the front door. Haha. I should’ve used that door in the first place. Don’t you love hind sight! Needless to say, we arrived an hour late and a new rule in our home: When you unlock the van only use the remote and never take the keys, always leave them in mom’s purse. 😉

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  1. Lucian Bane says:

    Hahahaha. Can’t wait to hear what your husband said.

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