Building a Snowman?

Like a several regions in the US, we have SNOW! Now, I don’t have an issue with it, per se. However, my Saturdays are usually reserved for writing when it’s not soccer season. Lol

I usually give myself permission to sleep in a.k.a. don’t set the alarm clock. 😉 Well, I was up pretty late Friday night. My own fault, yes. Then again, we generally stay up late to watch a movie with our oldest two sons.

Yesterday (Saturday) went something like this:

Me yawning and drinking a cup of coffee while I mentally go through my check list of things to get done. Priority…WRITE. With enough coffee in my system, I sat down at my faithful computer. *cracked knuckles and popped neck* I read through the chapter I had typed before and lightly edited it (translation: check for major typos). Now I was IN THE ZONE. Music selected and ear buds in I began to type, until I heard, “MOM!” Everything stopped at that point so I could do the following:

A.) Locate all the winter gear, which of course is NEVER where it should be.

B.) Help younger children don said gear. Yes, this is the part where someone has to pee and you have to help them half-way undress to do so.

C.) With snow suits, coats, boots, hats, and gloves all on they headed out the door yelling, “Let’s build a snowman!”

I laughed to myself and relocated my hiney back in my chair to continue where I left off. Before I could get my ear buds back in place I heard giggling. I tried to ignore it but hearing a child laugh was downright contagious. So I chose to leave my ear buds out and go back to writing. Not much time past when there was more laughter. The deep belly laughs that draw your attention. I peeked out the window to see this.

Snow play 2015

If you look closely next to the mail box, you’ll see feet sticking out. lol I guess their definition of a snowman is a bit different than mine. 🙂 But I confess, their absolute joy over something so simple made me pause. While most of the adults I know have been complaining about the cold and the mess, the kids are once more teaching us…Learn to be content in whatever season you’re in. <3

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Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline, before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family, and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.
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