A Christmas to Remember (An Erotic Tale) Part 3 by Lora Ann

A Christmas to Remember

(An Erotic Tale)

Part 3


The SUV was warm and toasty with Lynrd Skynrd singing “Christmas Time Again” on the Blue Tooth. Only Nik would have rock Christmas songs. She fought the giggle when his boiling gaze he sent her reminded her of what just happened, or rather, almost happened, in the restaurant. Aimee swallowed hard, remembering how close she’d almost come, literally. He shook his head, placing both hands on the steering wheel. “I’m seriously reconsidering how I punish you,” his voice authoritative as he looked away from her.

Her very pregnant hormones striking hurt at letting him down, which brought tears to her eyes. But her naughty side, who wanted nothing more than to fuck him right there, wouldn’t hear of it. He was legitimately torn on what to do with her. Evidence of that was in the straight line of his shoulders and his tight jaw. He was too damn sexy. Her nails scraped along his inner thigh and, quick as lightening, he grabbed them with a firm nod of his head, making her throat dry. “Get in the backseat,” he commanded.

She studied him for a moment, realizing he was serious. “But I…”

“Four. And so help me, if you don’t move now, I won’t be responsible for what happens.” Aimee swiped at the tears. Nik’s voice instantly softened. “Little one, you trust me? You know I love you?”

“Yes,” she sniffled, “but you’re mad at me.”

“More like suffering from a mad case of blue balls!” His eyes wide.

“That’s really it?”

“No,” he sighed. “On our way out, I caught some asshole stripping you with his eyes.”

“Oh, Nikko. Some men have no respect. But I promise, I never noticed him.”

“Bastard had lust written all over his face. Honestly, Lille, I still want to march back in there and kick his ass.”

“Tell me how to distract you,” she purred.

He closed his eyes, wanting more than anything to try something new with her. “In the back. Now.”

Her ass was right in his face as she maneuvered to follow his order. It took every ounce of strength Nik possessed not to pull her over so she could ride his face. Instead, he bit her. Her yelp said it wasn’t a playful nip. She rubbed the tender cheek. “That was a little hard.”

“If you have an objection to rough, say so now,” he warned.

She gasped, “Omigod! What have you done with my husband?”

A searching gaze told him she was playing. He schooled his features. “Take off your clothes.”


He gave her a firm nod, dangling her panties on his pinky. “I already have my favorite item.”

She giggled, releasing her heavy breasts from the confines of her bra. “And here I thought this was your fave.” The bra went flinging through the air and landed on the rearview mirror. Aimee howled in laughter. “She shoots, she scores.”

Nik beamed at her silly sense of humor. Damn he’d missed it. Things had been so serious, for what he now realized was too long. He made a vow to himself not to let stress steal these precious moments away again. Getting back into his role, he demanded, “Put your feet on the back of the seats. Yeah, like that. Only…open your legs more. More. Fucking perfect,” he hissed, angling the mirror, with bra still draped, so all he saw was his wife’s gorgeous pink pussy. The windows were heavily tinted but he wanted light only he could see, then remembered the aft console had a dim one. He lifted the top and pushed it, relishing how the designers had thought to make something that wouldn’t blind the driver. Matter of fact, it didn’t even light up past her protruding belly. “You’re a fucking goddess,” he said with not a little awe.

Aimee shook her head. “You’ve got that all wrong, Nikko. You’re a god.” Her fingers began to travel to her exposed pussy.

“Stop!” he barked.

She stilled. He winked before continuing, “I love that you think that of me, Lille. Now, no touching yourself. Just let me admire my treasure.”

Ah, hell. Those words made her hot and so damn horny. Every time she saw him sneak a peek at her very open pussy, she became wetter. The wet spot left on the seat giving evidence to just how excited she was when he commanded, “Grab my coat, and get inside.”


Nik wasted no time yanking his coat from her amazing body. He’d always loved her full hips; now fuller due to the baby she was carrying. Her tits more voluptuous. Her ass spilling over his hands as he grabbed each check with force and hauled her to him. “I need you,” his confession raw.

Her fingers threaded in his hair as he nipped along her neck and bit down on the tender spot just before her shoulder. She cried out, “Again.”

He couldn’t remember who was supposed to be leading anymore. All he knew was she was his, and he needed to worship her. He tore his clothes off in a whirlwind of motion, then knelt and continued his oral assault of each breast, nipple, until she was crying out in ecstasy. With each firm swat to her ass, he counted, “One, Two, Three,” stopping.

She was beyond turned on. The sting from his palm bringing the orgasm to a whole new level of holy-fuck-do-it-again. Her mutterings completely unintelligible when he buried his face between her legs and latched on to her engorged clit, sending Aimee out of this universe.

Her screams of utter abandon sent Nik into a frenzy. He had to have more, had to bring her over and over again. Punish her with nothing but sheer pleasure. Her gasps and cries, along with ragged breaths told him she was a satisfied woman. But he needed her to know, she was more than that. She was his whole world. His wife—given to him so he could love, honor and cherish her forever and ever. He eased her leg off his shoulder and held her so she wouldn’t fall, laying her down on the floor. Positioning himself between her legs, “Open for me, Lille,” he rasped his voice thick with need.

Her gaze met his as he watched the flames rise. He grabbed his cock and stroked himself, fighting the urge to come all over her tits. She licked her lips, glancing down at him. “God, your beautiful when you do that for me,” she purred in appreciation. “Tease me with that big, amazing cock.”

He did as she wanted. Barely holding himself back, the tip of him inside her warm, entrance. “Look at me, Aimee,” he whispered between ragged breaths, “Watch as I show you just how much I love you.”

Her eyes fixed on his lick-able abs. He didn’t realize she couldn’t see where they were connected. As if he read her thoughts, his gaze met hers. Eyes locked he entered her fully and she gasped out, “Make love to me.”

Nik had no objection to giving his wife everything her heart desired. Thankful, once more, that it was him she chose.


Aimee lay next to her sleeping husband in front of the fireplace as silent tears fell. She couldn’t believe how blessed she was, or how much she wanted to wake him and continue where they’d left off only a couple of hours ago. Tugging the blanket free of his magnificent body, she sat to just admire him. A sleepy gaze met hers as he pulled her to him.  “Why are you crying, little one?”

“They’re happy tears,” she assured.

He laced his fingers in her hair and placed a tender kiss on her lips. “I love you.”

A gush of cold air met them, followed by, “Ho. Ho. Whoa! Cover that shit up, man!”

Nik quickly covered his wife from his brother’s gaze. “What the hell, E?”

The room began to fill with family and “Merry Christmas!”

Aimee didn’t care that they were caught in a rather embarrassing situation. All she thought was it was indeed a very merry Christmas now that those they loved most had arrived.

The End

Copyright ©2016 Lora Ann

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  1. Tina Henry says:

    Such a wonderful Christmas Story. Loved the ending. Thank you Lora Ann.

  2. Helena Hoorn says:

    loved this short story. hopefully many more to come

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