Release Day Blitz: As I Love You by Lora Ann

Release Day Blitz

As I Love You (formerly The Stevens Place)

by Lora Ann

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Cover by Sabre, Gray & Bane Cover Studio


Aidan and Beth have known each other for as long as they can remember. Love blossomed once, leaving little doubt these two were destined to be together. Then fate intervened, marring their love with tragedy.

Fifteen years later…

Following her six-year marriage to an abusive husband, Beth has reached a crossroads in her life.

Moving home, she hopes for solace and a second chance at happiness, but two years pass, and still she is haunted by nightmares that just might destroy her.

Aidan Kellum is the most sought-after actor in Hollywood. He has attained mega-star status, but something is missing. Unsure if he needs to expand his career, or take some time off, he finds himself searching for perspective in the small town he once called home. Aidan and Beth find their way back to one another, where love erupts passionately. But fate isn’t finished with them yet…

Their lives become more challenging than either of them could have ever imagined.

***Author’s note: this book is a reissue of The Stevens Place. The cover and title have changed, but the story remains the same.***


Something broke into my musing. Was that a creak I just heard? I paused, waiting, then heard a noise on the stairs. Uh-oh! I woke someone up.

Beth didn’t look up at first. Her hair was wild around her perfect face. Her eyes were still half closed from sleep. Oh, my! She was wearing a tank top with no bra and boxer shorts. Damn! I was drinking her in like a thirsty man eyeing a tall glass of ice water on a hot summer day. I was sure she would’ve slapped me if she were fully awake. I licked my lips. There was no question I wanted her. As if she could feel the heat I was generating, she looked up and our gazes locked. She startled. I thought she was going to scream so I placed my hand over her mouth. I’d approached her too fast and we fell onto the floor with a loud thump!

Her eyes went wide as she recognized who was on top of her. The expression on her face made her look adorable. I was trying not to laugh out loud so I held my lips in a tight line. I tilted my head to one side listening intently. I surmised that no one else woke up and moved my hand. I didn’t say a word. I simply leaned in to kiss her hello. I meant for it to be quick and sweet, however, she had other ideas.

She locked her hands behind my head, kissing me with a force she’d never used before. I was more than happy to reciprocate. Her supple, luscious lips moved with mine perfectly, as if she were the only woman I was ever meant to kiss. As my lips parted, her tongue traced my mouth and then she ever so slightly sucked on my bottom lip. I groaned, knowing I had to stop her before we did something she wasn’t quite ready for. Gently I tried pulling my face away. Every fiber of my being wanted more, so much more of her. And there she was beneath my body. I could feel every part of her. Her bodacious breasts pressed against my chest with those pert nipples begging for my mouth. I was thick and heavy, my body screaming for hers. I was about to become undone and take her. I had to stop thinking about all the ways I wanted to bring her pleasure. It would take time. I knew I had to move slowly with her. I was fully aware that she was gun shy. That sobered me up. Immediately I broke the kiss and stood, pulling her with me.

I hoped she didn’t misunderstand my actions. I grinned. “Hello.”

She smiled back. “Hi.”

I grew concerned. “Did I hurt you?”

She bit her bottom lip, blushing. “No, I’m good.”

At that moment, I wondered if it was as hard for her to stop as it was for me. I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. My self-control was being stretched way beyond what I thought I was capable of.

“Come with me.” I towed her into the living room where we snuggled on the couch. I easily fell asleep knowing, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I was holding the love of my life.

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About Lora Ann

Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline, before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family, and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.
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