A Christmas to Remember (An Erotic Tale) Part 1 by Lora Ann


A Christmas to Remember

(An Erotic Tale)

Part 1


Mascara brought out the green in her eyes as they scrutinized the black dress for the hundredth time. She tugged and angled her body, the baby bump drawing her hands to rub lovingly. “I love you, precious,” turning once more, “But, tonight, Mommy is going for sexy.” The little kick inside her womb reminding her that the love growing inside was the most beautiful blessing. Life was a gift she never wanted to take for granted. However, her husband had been so worried about her, the baby, and his brothers, that he’d distanced himself physically. Sure, he held her close, kissed her tenderly, talked to their bundle of joy often, and told Aimee how much he loved her frequently. But she needed more. Connection. Heat. Passion. To feel like a desired woman again.

With a fortifying breath, she went in search of Nik. They were the only ones staying at E’s place in the mountains. The rest of the family would be arriving in the next few days for Christmas. She glanced outside to see the soft flurries falling. Nothing heavy to prevent their date night. He was crouched in front of the fire, a gorgeous sight, she thought, admiring the hard muscle and lines of her husband’s delectable form—pure male perfection. Her small hands massaged his tense shoulders as she whispered, “Tonight is ours. Only you and me. Let everything else go.”

His large hand captured hers as he brought it to his mouth for a reverent kiss. Aimee fought the tears of the sweet gesture. She loved this man so, so much. Maybe she shouldn’t try seducing him and simply enjoy what he was most willing to give. She leaned forward to place her lips on the top of his head, inhaling the scent of his shampoo deeply. The sexy herbal mix with his natural spice igniting her pheromones.



Nik heard his wife’s soft moan. God, she was the sexiest woman alive. He still wasn’t sure he deserved her, but that didn’t stop him from appreciating the gift. He pulled her around to face him. His breath stilled. Amazing didn’t even begin to describe the beauty before him. Her eyes sparkled not just from pregnancy, but something else. Love was definitely there in spades. But there was a hint of more, burning brighter as his gaze devoured her from head to toe, toe to head.

His fingers traced along her jaw before coming to rest on her lips. A fuckable mouth he was all too aware of as his heated gaze locked on hers. “If we don’t leave now, little one…” he half growled out the threat, the promise of what he wanted to do with her.

She took a step backwards and preened for his pleasure, bringing out his appreciative, “You’re beautiful.” Aimee stopped with her back to his front. “Zip me?” She was torn between building the anticipation of what was to come, or diving right in. His nail gently scraped along her spine as she held her breath.

He valued delayed gratification. The building up and teasing an exciting part of love making. But the truth was, it’d been a long time since they’d been alone together. He knew she thought he no longer desired her. Nothing was further from the truth. She was more radiant, more stunning, as her ever-growing belly reminded him moment by moment of their love. He drew along her bra straps first with his fingertips, then the tip of his tongue. Fighting the urge to rip her clothes off, his hands went to her hips, fingers digging a little too hard as he pulled her body against his. Hips began to grind against a more than willing ass. She pushed back and he released her. Both breathing heavily, he turned her, bringing them face to face. “Tell me now, Lille, what you want.”

She angled her gaze to his and confessed, “You.”

“You have me,” he vowed.

Her teeth dug into her bottom lip, reaching to tease along his zipper with her long glittered ruby red nails. “And…I need you.”

He pressed her hand against his erection and held it there, grinding against her palm, he rasped, “You’re right. Appetizer first.”

Before she could utter a word, his mouth was on hers while her dress pooled at her feet. His tongue sliding along hers with the promise of what he was going to do to her. God, she didn’t want to wait and gasped into his mouth, “Entrée.”

“You are hungry,” he nipped at her lips.

Oh, fuck, she needed him doing that to her pussy. “Very,” she admitted.

“Hmm…” he hummed with force down the line of her neck, sending shivers.

A tilt of her head gave him more access as she reached to free his heavy cock from its confines. Her fingers stroking the length, once, twice, before she wrapped her hand around his girth. He was a big man, especially here, and her fingers could not touch. Her appreciation mewled out, “I want you in my mouth.”

He groaned between her voluptuous tits, “You first.”

She squeezed as she moved her hand from head to root and back again. “Together.”

His mouth now sucking at her nipple. He gently pulled her to the floor so she was astride his shoulders. He traced the line of her pretty emerald green silk panties much like he’d done with her matching bra. Easing them to the side as his tongue teased her most sensitive spot. “So close, little one.”

Her gasp along his head confirmed what her body was already telling him. But then, as the tip of her tongue swirled in his arousal, she knew he was right there with her.

Copyright ©2016 Lora Ann


Part 2 coming tomorrow!